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eDocs provides me access to all the patient information in an easy to use mobile app
TimeKeeper has really simplified the whole payroll process
Hospice Tools is user-friendly
Hospice Tools is very simple to navigate
TimeKeeper lets my people complete their timesheets while on the go through the app
The eDocs app lets me access patient info for the MD during IDG so I can answer any questions they have on the spot
I like the ability to access patient info no matter which office I am working out of
I like the TimeKeeper app. It's great that I can enter time records electronically from anywhere
We don't need to use paper documents anymore which has cut down on mistakes
Hospice Tools lets us enter records from anywhere
Love the eDocs app!
I love everything about TimeKeeper!
Hospice Nurses
Hospice Tools is very user-friendly and easy to learn
I love the easy access - you can access it from anywhere!
Easy access makes our job easier
eDocs is so easy to navigate, straightforward, and covers all the necessary items
My job as a nurse is dependent on Hospice Tools
Hospice Tools helps tremendously! Especially having the phone app - having patient info right there in my hand during visits or in an emergency situation is very helpful
I like the ability to enter additional info in freehand
It's very easy to learn
eDocs is well organized. It's easy to find things and easy to learn
It makes our job more efficient, more professional, and keeps everything we need to know about the patients in one place
Having different choices, such as the app or computer to chose from, is amazing!
Better access to info, tremendous! A "10" where the scale goes to 3
I like that you can save and close documents before needing to submit them
eDocs lets me gather information about new patients and serve them with knowledge and skill
It's easy to learn and easy to teach
Palliative Nurses
Extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate!
I like the ease of use and ability to use an app on my phone
Love the uploading document availability in the app
It is easy to look up information
Fields auto-fill most popular answers which saves time on charting
Excited about PTO tracker on TimeKeeper
TimeKeeper and eDocs link so well it automatically puts clinical visits in my timesheets
TimeKeeper is effortless when it comes to putting in the documentation needed to justify your time
Billing Specialists
With Hospice Tools, our claim submission has become fast, accurate and seamless. We are able to send out our claims with the click of a button.
Thanks to Hospice Tools’ advanced reporting we can track every detail of our receivables from one easy-to-use report
Data flows automatically from clinical documentation and timesheets for fast, accurate billing
Once the file is uploaded it's easy to look at it, I can see everything at a glance
When the file is downloaded it's so easy to use it or check it
I use Hospice Tools all the time, the features are awesome and help me do my job faster and easier
TimeKeeper is great! It's so efficient and easy and takes the calculating out of the process
TimeKeeper makes it so smooth to record time - no need to calculate anymore!
Hospice Aides
eDocs makes it easy to chart
I always have access to information when I need it
I love that it's accessible from the phones with apps
I like how easy and fast it is to do at the tip of your fingers
Less paper!
Saves time!
Much faster and better
Social Workers
eDocs makes notes easy to read. I don't have to look up spelling of difficult last names
I love TimeKeeper's Auto-Build
I like the convenience and ease of use
Hospice Tools enhances my abilities and enables me to stay on top of my work with ease
TimeKeeper rocks! Auto-Build, PTO tracking, easy at-a-glance understanding of where we are in a payroll period. It's fantastic!
Hospice Tools lets me access everything I need from anywhere using the app, Chromebook, or any computer
Auto-Build in TimeKeeper is awesome!
User-friendly, utilizes much less time than paper and easily accessible from anywhere
Ease of entry and access through desktop and mobile app is great
Hospice Tools has a very strong positive impact on my ability to accomplish my tasks at hand
It's very helpful in my job and user-friendly
Hospice Tools is more efficient and saves time
I like the ready access anywhere and anytime
I like the accessibility by phone, Chromebook, home or office
eDocs lets me do my charting much faster
I love the convenience and accessibility
Hospice Tools helps a lot!
Hospice Tools is nice because I can easily find answers across disciplines
Hospice Tools is so easy to navigate
I really like the ability to delete errors

Hospice Tools eDocs is the EMR built from the ground up for hospice. Our solutions improves charting personalized hospice care, , management, and compliance.

Hospice Tools eDocs EMR is CHAP VERIFIED enabling your team to follow best practices and meet CHAP standards!

eDocs EMR Features

  • Referrals & Intake: Easily manage and track referrals, process orders and authorizations with critical fields flowing into TimeKeeper Timesheets & eBilling.
    • ICD Codes Library: Search by disease name or code and easily add as many ICD codes as needed to patient’s face sheet
    • Auto-calculate Cert Periods: New admit, transferred in, previous benefits periods – Intake auto-calculates patient certification dates
    • Patient Contact & Location: Store all patient & caregivers addresses to easily update patient location. Patient location auto flows to eBilling to maximize billing revenue & calculates pass-through rates to SNFs
    • Facility Protocol Sheet: Store facility protocols so team members can get in, out, and interact with facilities to their specifications. Click here to read our Facility Protocol Blog Post
    • Palliative & Hospice: A simple & centralized face sheet that handles palliative & hospice without having to switch modules or re-enter data
  • Professional Tools: Built by hospice & palliative pros to to deliver tools & workflows that work!
    • HR Tab: Store professional licenses, expiration dates, & other critical employee data: Click here to read our blog post on our HR Tab.
    • Veterans Checklist Form: Easily track & ensure that veterans needs are being met and generate more veterans referrals
    • Drug Database: (Phase I complete) Built-in drug names library to easily add meds & reduce errors
  • Cloud-based, Real-time, Web & Mobile Apps: Full functionality on Web access & with mobile apps for Android & Apple devices. Full clinical documentation & functionality available on almost every device: desktop, laptop, tablet, & phone!
  • Mentor Mode: Automatic document compliance for non-credentialed, on-boarding new hires, interns, and doctor review
  • Volunteer Mode: Approval-based documentation for your volunteers. Click to check out this feature! 
    • Volunteer Management Dashboard: Simplify managing volunteers & documentation
  • Audit Mode: Protect your agency from inadvertent data leaks in an audit!
  • Automatic Compliance & Quality Management: Track trends & outcomes with actionable information
    • Automatic HIS: Fields flow from face sheet & charting forms: Click here to see how we simplify & automate HIS
    • Auto-build: Fields flow from eDocs charting to TimeKeeper Timesheets to automatically build timesheets with patient visits & interactions
  • Flexible Forms Library: A robust library of flexible forms that can be customized to your hospice & palliative clinical documentation requirements
    • Auto-scan, upload & automatically store uploads (images, docs, PDFs) in the right section of a patient’s chart
  • Individualized Dashboards: Preview & eSign docs & orders right from your dashboard, bulk or individual docs with the click of a button! Desktop & mobile app!
  • Reporting and Analytics: Get fast insights into the complexities of patient metrics, key business metrics, problem-solving, and decision-making.
  • IDG/IDT Dashboard: Drastically reduces prep & meeting time. Click here to check out the IDG Dashboard
    • Intuitive structure and navigation so IDG teams see the comprehensive view & easily access current and historical data across all disciplines
  • Individualized Smart Care Planning: Intuitive workflows with customizable suggestions for goals and interventions. Click here to check out Smart Care Plans
    • Hospice Aide care plans to easily manage exactly what aides do on every visit
  • Bereavement: Care plans & workflows designed specifically for bereavement including risk assessment and frequency of communications criteria. Click here to check out Bereavement
  • Psychosocial & Spiritual Support: Charting tools and forms to support the needs of social workers and chaplains.
  • Palliative Care & Management: Built to easily handle palliative care & operations. Click here to read our Palliative Charting & coding blog post
    • Palliative Intake: Start a patient on palliative and easily switch to hospice
    • Palliative Forms: Forms built to easily chart palliative visits & calls. Customizable fields and functionality to match your teams’ needs.
    • CPT Codes Library: Smart library with code suggestions based on type and location (facility/home)

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Hospice Tools TimeKeeper stops fraud, improves compliance and creates massive efficiencies! Robust reporting, easy payroll management, & timesheets built for hospice & palliative care. Save time & resources as critical patient info and documents flow automatically from the eDocs EMR directly into clinician’s timesheets.

TimeKeeper Features

  • Intuitive and Easy Navigation: Virtually no training needed. Enter and verify data with easy drop-down menus.
  • Robust Clinical Timesheets: Built for hospice & palliative agencies with time reporting, location, mileage tracking, patient, activity type and more
  • Access Anywhere Timesheets: Work wherever and whenever you are with desktop/laptop access and native mobile apps
  • Individualized Dashboards: Get the full picture with time, absent, & PTO tracking tools
  • Hassle-free QA: Seamlessly linked to eDocs EMR clinical documentation for smooth automatic information flow
  • Automatic Compliance: Integrated with eDocs EMR to end fraud liability by instantly matching timesheets to clinical visits
  • Auto-Build: Integrates clinical visit times and locations from clinical documentation to auto-build timesheets with the click of a button. Click here to check out this feature
  • Mileage Tracking: Easily pulls & inputs your teams’ most common addresses and automatically calculates mileage
  • Payroll: Automatically organized with easy reporting

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Hospice Tools eBilling is our full financial management platform for your hospice agency’s back-office. Flexible, powerful, & built for hospice & palliative billing ensures that eBilling seamlessly fits your business workflows, maximizes your RCM, and delivers proven results.

eBilling Features

  • Easy Tracking & Batch Billing: Submit hundreds or thousands of claims with one click of a button
  • Full Patient Financial Tracking: Track financial information using our advanced reporting options.
  • Daily Census Tracking
  • Automatic Claim Generation
  • Export: For electronic or paper claims
  • Revenue Management: Upload electronic remittances
  • Payment Management: A seamless system for managing payments to hospital and nursing facilities including pass-through rates
  • Hospice & Palliative Care Billing
  • Integrated: Data flows automatically from clinical documentation and timesheets for fast, accurate billing
  • SNF Pass-Through Rates: Automatically track and calculate pass-through rates for facilities so you can easily manage AR/AP
  • Medicare DDE Screen: Get total access to the Medicare DDE screen (black screen) so you can easily check patient eligibility & claims status

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