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“The experts do pretty well — they get the answer right about two-thirds of the time,” Surowiecki, the author of “The Wisdom of Crowds,” told CBS News, “but the audience [of Who Wants to be a Millionaire] gets the answer right 91 percent of the time.”

Hospice Tools is a revolutionary new EMR. Built by hospice & palliative clinical and management experts, Hospice Tools delivers intuitive workflows, automatic compliance, and features that are unique to our EMR solution.

Because we come from the world of hospice & palliative care and are not boardroom consultants who had an idea, we understand that every agency does things a bit different. Some agencies want certain fields required and some don’t. Some want specific fields to be drop down menus and others want those same fields to be checkboxes or long form narratives. (Side note: Check out our article: Hospice Charting beyond the Checkbox).

Most EMRs / EHRs simply don’t have the capabilities to adapt to your agency’s methodology & workflow. This rigid legacy structure means that your teams need to adjust their workflows to match how the software operates rather than the software adapting to your needs.

Flexibility Leads to Collaboration

Hospice Tools uses the latest technology to deliver a new EMR experience. That’s why, for example, our solution includes native mobile apps for both Apple & Android, integrated timesheets that automatically match clinicians visits with patient documentation and numerous other features.

Our break from the legacy technologies that underpins other EMRs allows us the flexibility to customize forms, fields, and form functionality to match your agency’s workflows. It also provides us with the ability to embrace agile development for new features and product updates. The ability to customize workflows is more than a convenience, this flexibility delivers concepts, features, and workflows from across the spectrum of hospice & palliative care and management, in other words, crowd-sourcing the best ideas from other hospice & palliative care professionals.

One example is the introduction of our Facility Protocol Sheet.

facility protocol sheet quick view for Hospice & palliative

Everyone in hospice knows that dealing with facilities is super-important and is like walking a tightrope. Your agency delivers care in the facility, interacts with facility staff, and relies on facilities for referrals.And just like your agency, each facility operates with their own set of needs. Some facilities want your nurse to check in with the DON, others have different codes for different floors,etc.

To help navigate all these different requirements one of our clients asked us to build out a facility protocol sheet.  

The most urgent facility information is right next to the facility address. This placement means that every time a clinician or marketer or other team member checks out the facility address they will see the most important facility requirements. These details should resolve most of the pressing issues so your team members can get in and get out during normal hours and after-hours without any hassle.

If they need more information on facility requirements they can click the button ‘See all protocol info’ and they will get a detailed list of facility protocols.

Hospice & palliative facility protocol sheet detailed

Our native mobile apps with full-functionality means that as a team member is entering a facility that they can open the app and check any facility requirements making their visit smoother and preventing problems before they arise.

Agile development plus our flex forms library with customizable forms, form fields, and field functionality provides the flexibility we need to build out new features, create new forms, change how forms work and deliver an EMR that can adapt to how your agency operates.

This flexibility means product updates, new features and forms are drawn from the collective wisdom of our clinical & managerial user base, delivering best practices and workflows that are successful in the real-world.

Hospice Tools simplifies hospice & palliative management. Built by hospice & palliative professionals Hospice Tools streamlines and automates processes while delivering intuitive charting, automatic compliance and much more!



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