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Does Hospice Tools have a solution for rural areas / offline capabilities?

Hospice Tools has native mobile apps for eDocs EMR & TimeKeeper timesheets. These apps are fully functional and operate using low data with speed & capabilities on both Android & Apple devices – just like all the other apps on your phone. This means you’re not limited to a desktop/laptop or tablet that only has WiFi.

  1. Apps use cellular & WiFi not just WiFi – that’s a big difference between an EMR only available on a tablet & Hospice Tools true native apps  which are available for tablets &  phones
  2. Apps on a phone operate as apps are supposed to, not as a web-page in a phone browser. Apps function with speed & low cellular data usage in comparison allowing users with limited data packages to still operate efficiently almost everywhere.
  3. Forms are built in with auto-save / save / save & close in app so your work is stored even when cellular is spotty
  4. For true offline where no cellular data is available for long stretches (which is increasingly rare) download forms or even the entire chart for pdf view access info on go
  5. Pre-print patient specific blank forms that can be filled out and then scanned & uploaded through the eDocs EMR app on your mobile device when cellular or wi-fi is available. The scan will automatically place the completed form in the proper section of the chart! For example, an scanned assessment will uploaded & automatically filed under assessments, a. RN visit note under nurses etc.

How do I check patient eligibility & claim status?

Included in your Hospice Tools subscription, whether you handle billing in-house or use our pro billing service, you get total access to the Medicare DDE screen (black screen) to check patient eligibility & claim status with the click of a button.

How do I make corrections on a submitted form?

  1. Open the Document & click the AMEND/CORRECT FORM button at the top left corner of the document. Once clicked the document will open in an editable state
  2. Find the field(s) on the form you wish to edit. Next to each field there will be an EDIT button. Click edit and you can change/add/delete the information in the field
  3. A free text box will appear labeled REASON FOR CHANGE. Enter the reason for the correction
  4. When finished editing, click the SUBMIT CHANGES button in the top left corner of the document
  5. Document will re-save with new information and show the changes and reason at the bottom of the new document.

On some of the forms there are text boxes that could be checkboxes or drop-down menus. Can you change them? What’s the process to change them?

  1. Yes. Our forms are built to be customized to how your agency operates.
  2. Our default setting in creating the forms is to be a regulatory safe as possible, which means they are weighted to free text long form narrative boxes. However, our forms are flexible and housed in a flexible library and are built to allow for easy customization.
  3. Make a list of changes you would like and have your admin or other authorized representative forward us your requested changes and we will customize forms and fields accordingly.

The Comprehensive Assessment is so long, and many sections aren’t relevant for every patient. Do I need to fill out every field?

  1. Most fields are not required, and you may skip fields that are not relevant. For example, a cancer patient may not need the same fields/pages of the form completed as an assessment of a dementia patient. The fields are there if you need them. If they are not relevant, skip them.
  2. Required fields are marked with an asterisk *
  3. Once the form is signed and submitted, the document in the patient’s chart will only show the fields you have completed and will not show the fields you skipped.

What do I put down for DATE/TIME IN/OUT on forms?

  1. The date & time of your activity (patient visit, call, etc.).Do not put the date & time of when you are doing the charting.
  2. Make sure not to do overlapping or split docs.  For example, if you are seeing multiple patients in a facility and you are at the facility for several hours, Do Not put down :10 am-1pm on all the patient forms. Break each one out:

Patient A – 10:0:0 am – 10:30 am

Patient B – 10:30 am – 12:00 pm

Patient C – 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm etc.

When I start a form, do I need to complete it, or can I save it the form before finishing, signing, & submitting it to the chart?

  1. Yes, you can save unfinished forms. At the top left of every form is a SAVE & CLOSE button. Click Save & Close and your form with any information you entered will be saved and remain an unfinished and un-submitted document. You can go back anytime, whether on desktop, laptop, or mobile app to pick up where you left off.
  2. Once you save & close an unfinished form it will appear on your dashboard as an unfinished document. You can click on it right from your dashboard to access the form.

Are there features/functions I can only do on the web view and not in the mobile apps? What do the forms and functions look like in the apps?

  1. The web view and app views are virtually identical.
  2. The mobile apps are fully functional so anything you can do  on the web you can do in the app.
  3. The web version and mobile apps are synced in real time so you can switch back and forth in real-time for any form or function.


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