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Flexible Forms Library

  • Full library of hospice & palliative forms
  • Full library of Care Plan suggestions for goals & interventions
  • Forms, fields, and functionality are customizable to your agency needs
  • Create & edit forms in real-time
  • Scan, upload/download docs from within eDocs EMR mobile app

Powerful Hospice EMR & Billing Tools

  • Hospice Tools EMR is built for teams like yours!
  • Amazing hospice care plans and IDG
  • Chart easily and seamlessly
  • Export any report in multiple formats!
  • ICD codes guidance built-in!
  • and much more!

Audit Mode

  • Pinpoint read-only access down to the document level with specified permissions
  • Per-patient per-document granular access
  • Prevent inadvertent data leaks
  • Conserve valuable resources in an audit

Volunteer Mode

  • Approval-based documentation for your volunteers
  • Per-patient access for specific volunteers
  • Volunteer documentation is attached to the chart and the supervisor accepts or rejects with comment
  • Volunteer work remains part of workflow but cuts down manual entry
  • Volunteers can’t see other patient docs or access private patient info
  • Stop errors without slowing down document entry

Mentor Mode

  • Built for non-credentialed, onboarding, interns, and doctor review
  • Documentation is held in the chart and the supervisor reviews and accepts or rejects with comment
  • Improves charting quality without slowing down document entry

5 reasons why you should use Hospice Tools

Built by Hospice Experts

Built for teams like yours!
Hospice Tools delivers the tools independent hospice agencies need to deliver comprehensive charting, automatic compliance, actionable data, billing tools, and more!

Web Login & Native Mobile Apps

Hospice Tools secures your files in the cloud so your team is always on the same page in real-time!

Desktop/laptop web login and native mobile apps for Android & iOS empower your team to work on any device.

In-app scanning & uploading right to the chart of all your paper docs. Share completed forms or the entire chart right from your mobile device.

One of a kind features that make charting faster & easier for your team - whenever and wherever they are.

Intuitive and easy to use

Most users dive right in after 1-2 training sessions!

Increase performance & satisfaction with our flexible structure that allows for customization to your agency needs.

Workflows and design structure that follow how hospice & palliative pros actually work.

Create massive efficiencies!

Hospice Tools creates efficiencies while stopping fraud, errors, and deficiencies.

Get automatic compliance, radically simplifies payroll and billing and transforms every discipline. Hospice Tools delivers super-fast intuitive charting, batch billing with pass-through rates automatically calculated, built-in QA, auto-matched timesheets to clinical documentation, and much more!

Dedicated to your success!

The easiest hospice software to use is also the best hospice software team to work with.

Let us know what you need. We're dedicated to partnership, service, and your success!