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HIS, Hospice Item Set Forms are a regulatory mandate. See how Hospice Tools delivers a better process, user-friendly charting & automatic compliance.

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Get the tools to help your team chart faster and easier with improved compliance with the EMR built from the ground up for hospice & palliative agencies to deliver pro features such as:

  • Automatic HIS
  • Super-Fast IDG 
  • Smart Care Plans
  • Automatic Compliance: Auto Build, Audit Mode, Mentor Mode
  • Seamless Scheduling
  • Professional Credential Storage
  • Comprehensive Hospice Care & Operations & Billing Reporting
  • Palliative Charting & Billing
  • Hospice Billing with Medicaid Room & Board Pass Through Rates Tracking
  • Unparalleled Service & Support
  • and more!

Built from the ground up by hospice & palliative pros, Hospice Tools delivers super fast charting, improved compliance, & maximized RCM.

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Built for hospice & palliative agencies, Hospice Tools EMR delivers a competitive advantage & peace of mind.

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