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Clinicians in the Field, Part-Time Doctors, & Your Hospice

When Covid hit, and throughout this long ordeal, hospice agencies struggled with many of the same operational issues that just about everyone faced. Agencies dealt with staff members getting ill and unlike other illnesses – Covid could plow through an agency and infect numerous people who were out for extended periods of time. Local independent…

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Hospice Tools Smart Scheduling

Successful hospice agencies are laser focused on 3 foundational pillars of service. The 3 Cs Coordination Communication Cohesiveness The Hospice & Palliative industry is not your typical 9-5. Hospice is non stop 24/7/365; your people are still working nights, weekends, and holidays. This never stop structure requires an immense amount of coordination, communication and cohesiveness….

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Go Mobile with Hospice Tools!

Mobile Stats 96% of Americans own a smartphone! 74% own a laptop/desktop 52% own a tablet. Almost 20% of American adults are dependent on their smartphone as their only internet enabled device! Statistics from Pew Research These quick stats confirm what we already know, we live in our mobile devices. Mobile apps give us the…

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