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Successful hospice agencies are laser focused on 3 foundational pillars of service.

The 3 Cs
  • Coordination
  • Communication
  • Cohesiveness

The Hospice & Palliative industry is not your typical 9-5. Hospice is non stop 24/7/365; your people are still working nights, weekends, and holidays. This never stop structure requires an immense amount of coordination, communication and cohesiveness. Managing hospice logistics directly impacts your agency’s ability to sustain growth. Success will be based on how well your team manages those logistics. From intake to recurring IDG meetings to multi-discipline patient visits through bereavement, hospice is a multi-pronged juggling act.

And as if that wasn’t enough, you still need to ensure that Medicare billing and patient eligibility is timely and accurate while managing your marketers and tracking referrals while with your other hand, submitting required docs while also closing payroll and just in time, now you’re dealing with a survey.

And don’t forget about coordinating all those volunteer hours and while a nurse was pulled out of the field for an in-service at a facility and another nurse is tied up at a sudden death visit.

All of this has to get done efficiently and timely, because your patients depend on it. Your agency must be a well-oiled machine.

If any of these key components is missing, your service is bound to experience mishaps. Human error is your biggest enemy while your people are your biggest ally.

Success is dependent on how well your team integrates & executes the 3 C’s.

Real-life Hospice Logistics Mishaps
  1. The patient’s DME wasn’t set up to coordinate with expected hospital discharge.
  2. RN and social worker double booked for the same patient.
  3. Intake coordinator scheduled consent visits without accounting for a longer meeting and drive time to next visit
  4. Bereavement coordinator wasn’t notified by nurse of patient’s death, causing funeral and bereavement process to be delayed.
  5. Office manager forgot to schedule RN for the marketer’s in-service at a facility, causing everyone to scramble and readjust at the last minute.

It takes a lot for a Hospice company to succeed. A key tool that helps simplify and streamline these critical components is an effective, easy to use, flexible scheduling tool.

Schedule or Stagnate

The opposite of schedule is stagnation.

[ stag-ney-shuh n ] noun

The state or condition of stagnating, or having stopped, as by ceasing to run or flow.

Failure to develop, progress, or advance.

These definitions are absolutely not what you want in your agency.

How scheduling helps deliver on the 3 Cs
  1. Communication: Always be able to notify your teammates of scheduling changes or cancellations for various clinical activities and meetings in real time. Hospice happens in real time, so give your teammates the ability to react in real time.
  2. Coordination: Don’t have a nurse and a chaplain showing up at a patient’s door at the same time, eliminate those mistakes by allowing your team to see where others are all the time. Know where your supposed to be when you’re supposed to be there.
  3. Cohesiveness: When working in any team environment, a team is always more successful when they are all working together and on the same page. The scheduling feature brings the group together and creates that bond in the workplace, everyone is active on one central feature. The Hospice Scheduling tool enables everything to be documented and eliminates compliance issues.
Hospice Tools Smart Scheduling
  1. Built by people who know hospice & palliative care! Our scheduling tool is built from the ground up and tailored to hospice professionals needs.
  2. Multiple views! View schedules by team member, by multiple team members, by event type, or by patient!
  3. Gives each patient a personalized schedule so a nurse can compare her schedule with the patients, to ensure no scheduling conflicts.
  4. Create events for others with easy location input and granular hospice event types.
  5. Super accessible! Hospice scheduling wherever you are. Scheduling right on your dashboard on virtually any device – desktop, laptop and on your phone or tablet with our eDocs EMR app for Android & iOS*.
  6. Scheduling tied into your EMR which houses patient docs and info right next to their schedule, putting everything you need right at your fingertips.

and much more!

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  • Seamless Scheduling
  • Professional Credential Storage
  • Automatic HIS
  • Super-Fast IDG 
  • Smart Care Plans
  • Automatic Compliance: Auto Build, Audit Mode, Mentor Mode
  • Comprehensive Hospice Care & Operations & Billing Reporting
  • Palliative Charting & Billing
  • Hospice Billing with Room & Board Pass Through Rates
  • and more!

Built from the ground up to simplify hospice & palliative management, Hospice Tools delivers super fast charting, improved compliance, & smooth operations.

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