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Expanding Telehealth for Hospice Care, Operations, & Billing

This a a continuation of our previous article here: In our previous article we discussed the new specific Telehealth forms that we created and added to our flex forms library. These forms included the Nursing Visit Telehealth for Home Visits and for Facility Visits.

We also shared the updated CMS rules for hospices & Covid-19, Read the entire paper hereCMS Flexibilities to Fight Covid-19.

Basic telehealth forms are not enough. As Telehealth expands and has become a necessary offering for hospice providers, we need more than just simple Nurse Visit telehealth charting.
Hospices need to ensure that teleheatlh is worked into the full hospice patient lifecycle workflow.

Further, expanding the ability to accurately capture these services across the lifecycle is vitally important for billing claims & internal compliance.

Hospice Telehealth EMR Capture

Because our EMR is built from the ground up for hospice & palliative care using the latest tech, our solutions offer flexibility that cumbersome legacy providers lack. This agile framework & mindset allowed us to immediately implement a telehealth modality field across our flex forms library. 

Here are two examples of what modality fields look like:

Example A: Comprehensive Assessment

Example B: Death Visit

These fields are added to all the relevant forms, MSW, Spiritual etc. And while it may look like a simple change, it’s actually a crucial feature that will ensure compliance and allow claims to be processed in a timely fashion without needing to appeal an ADR.

Once the form has been completed, signed, and submitted, our TimeKeeper Timesheets will confirm compliance with our added Telehealth EVENT types:

Select the event type. Select your patient and the relevant document – or use our AutoBuild for bulk automatic timesheet generation based off the EMR completed forms, and all relevant documentation flows from the EMR into TimeKeeper Timesheets and our eBilling tool.

Even better while obviously you can do everything in a web browser on your desktop/laptop, with Hospice Tools you can manage your charting, operations, timesheets, and billing in our mobile apps for iOS and Android devices both tablet and phone in real-time! Telehealth on mobile devices just makes sense.  

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