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Telehealth: The Must-Have Hospice & Palliative Service

While it may have taken a global pandemic to move telehealth from the fringes of health care to a must-have service, now that it’s here, hospice & palliative providers need the tools to easily chart, bill, and meet regulations.

In light of the fast-changing reality, Medicare has updated their telehealth guidance:

Medicare Telehealth and Telecommunications Technology
• Hospice providers can provide services to a Medicare patient receiving routine home care through telecommunications technology (e.g., remote patient monitoring; telephone calls (audio only and TTY); and 2-way audio-video technology), if it is feasible and appropriate to do so. Only in-person visits are to be recorded on the hospice claim.
Face-to-face encounters for purposes of patient recertification for the Medicare hospice benefit can now be conducted via telehealth (i.e., 2-way audio-video telecommunications technology that allows for real-time interaction between the hospice physician/hospice nurse practitioner and the patient).

Read the entire paper here: CMS Flexibilities to Fight Covid-19

Hospice & Palliative Charting & CPT Coding

Hospice Tools is built from the ground-up for hospice & palliative agencies. Our mission is to help hospice & palliative agencies with powerful, super intuitive easy to use tools that simplify management & operations.

Because our palliative care charting was built from scratch, and not a home-health product with a new screen slapped on, we quickly moved to integrate telehealth options. Our flex forms library provides for regulatory compliant palliative and hospice telehealth charting. The patient location and other information form a matrix that offers recommended CPT codes and flows directly into billing.

Now that these tools have been field tested by dozens of nurses on hundreds of patients, we’d like to share how easy telehealth can be. And with the right software and a great partner, your agency can successfully navigate any critical situation.

Palliative Charting

Once you select your patient & the palliative consultation report from the flex forms library, select Type of Visit, Location, & Modality, meaning in-person visit, video or audio only visit. These fields will create the billing matrix that delivers recommended CPT codes.

Palliative CPT Coding

Once you eSign & Submit your form into the patient’s chart, a user can, with the click of a button, pull a list of recommended CPT codes specific to that patient’s visit type & location.

Hospice Telehealth Charting

Telehealth charting for hospice care should be seamless. Simply select the patient and select the facility or home telehealth nursing visit form from the flex forms library & start charting like a normal nursing visit note.


The right tools & the right partner make a difference.

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