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Hospice Billing: In-house vs. Outsourced

While hospice rating are measured based solely off CHAPS surveys of your agencies level of care, scheduling of your team, bereavement program and ‘front-end’ hospice operations, if your agency isn’t getting paid completely and timely, your care and agency ratings will suffer. We all know more than one example of when an agency was rocked…

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Stop Hospice Payer Rejections

How Hospice Tools Maximizes Hospice RCM Hospice Tools is the powerfully simple EMR built from the ground up for hospice & palliative agencies. From intake through billing Hospice Tools simplifies hospice management. Our clinical experts have designed professional workflows that are user friendly ensuring accurate and streamlined charting. Our billing experts handle any payer while…

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Tips to Better Hospice RCM

The WHY of hospice is what brings so many passionate and altruistic people to devote themselves to caring for the dying. However, Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) is a critical business feature for hospice agencies that cannot be overlooked. Whether you outsource your billing or handle it in house there are key components that will impact…

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