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How Hospice Tools Maximizes Hospice RCM

Hospice Tools is the powerfully simple EMR built from the ground up for hospice & palliative agencies. From intake through billing Hospice Tools simplifies hospice management. Our clinical experts have designed professional workflows that are user friendly ensuring accurate and streamlined charting. Our billing experts handle any payer while monitoring and providing insight into every step of the RCM process to ensure your reimbursements are timely & complete.

To find out what your agency can do internally to improve your RCM, check out our previous article: Tips for Better Hospice RCM

But no matter what you do, having the right billing service for your hospice agency is critical.

Don’t let payer rejections get you down! Get first-pass payer acceptance rates of 98% or better with Hospice Tools EMR & Billing services with ABILITY integration.

Hospice Tools is the powerfully simple EMR built from the ground-up for hospice & palliative agencies.

Get smooth operations, simple chart management, revenue management services and much more!

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