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Hospice Patients, 911 & Hospitals

Hospice & Hospital Fast Facts 1 out of every 5 hospice patients unenrolls from the hospice program. 25% of hospice patients that left the hospice program, or 6.7% of hospice admissions, resulted in hospitalization. Roughly 300,000 hospice patients unenroll of which over 100,000 hospice patients leave the program for hospitalization. The majority of these patients,…

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Hospice Tools Smart Scheduling

Successful hospice agencies are laser focused on 3 foundational pillars of service. The 3 Cs Coordination Communication Cohesiveness The Hospice & Palliative industry is not your typical 9-5. Hospice is non stop 24/7/365; your people are still working nights, weekends, and holidays. This never stop structure requires an immense amount of coordination, communication and cohesiveness….

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