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It’s time to shift gears again. On July 31, 2020, CMS issued final rule (CMS-1733-F) that updates the Medicare hospice payments for FY 2021, in accordance with existing statutory and regulatory requirements.

There are important changes to pay attention to as these changes will impact your agency’s Election Statement.

1. The Right to Request Notification of Non-Covered items.
  • This change allows Medicare hospice beneficiaries to request at any time and receive a written list of non-covered items, drugs, and services that your agency has determined are unrelated to the patient’s terminal illness and conditions.
  • If the beneficiary makes the request upon start of care,  your agency must provide the Non-Covered Items addendum within 5 days of the start of care date or within 3 days of request which can be made anytime while on hospice.







Get your copy of the Non-Covered Items Addendum: Model Hospice Election Statement Addendum_Modified July 2020

2. Beneficiary Advocacy

As part of the CMS ongoing effort to improve care and coordination, your agency’s election statement must include the information for the Beneficiary and Family-Centered Care Quality Organization that services your area.










See the full copy of the updated Model Hospice Election Statement: Model Hospice Election Statement_Modified July 2020

Whether your election statement is on paper or, like many of our clients, added as a customized eDoc in the forms library with eSigning, make sure your Hospice Election forms are updated with the new language right away!

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