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Hospice professionals are well aware of the non-stop always-on requirements of caring for patients at end-of-life. This 24/7/365 need and philosophy means that the tools hospice pros use must be built for power and flexibility.

While most patients don’t need frequency changes in between IDG meetings, no two patients are ever the same. That’s why the core CMS reg for hospice charting is to “personalize & individualize” the hospice care for each patient.

And, especially now, operating in a pandemic, with frequencies being met by telehealth and facility protocols regarding who can enter a facility, when and why changing from day to day, there is a need to be able to update visit frequencies outside of your IDG meeting schedule.

Check out the new Hospice Tools Visit Frequencies tools.

1st. In the eDocs EMR Team tab in each patient chart: This panel gives quick and easy visibility for all to see and manage the visit frequencies for each discipline as part of the hospice patient’s plan of care.

Want to know more about a particular discipline’s frequencies?
Click the information icon on each line to see when these frequencies were put into effect, the document name and the author. Also see a history of the most recent changes to a discipline’s frequencies.
All frequency information entered on INITIAL PLAN OF CARE (IPOC) and IDG UPDATE documents will be shown here.
To change a frequency outside of the scheduled IDG meeting date, open the new CHANGE OF FREQUENCY ORDER form in our eDocs Flex Forms library.
Once the Change of Frequency form is completed, eSigned and submitted, the new frequencies will auto-update the panel in the teams tab and update frequencies in the IDG dashboard which will auto-populate with the new frequencies for your next IDG meeting.
We hope this helps you keep giving your patients the very best even in these unprecedented times!
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