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Introducing the New Recert F2F Report

Plan for upcoming face to faces by:

  1. Outlining the due dates and time frames for completion of the face to faces
  2. Easily identify which patients will need face to face visits thru easy sort by benefit period and hospice insurance coverage
  • Ensure compliance with completion of the Face-to-Face documentation by the hospice physician or hospice nurse practitioner within the required regulatory time frame
  • Plan for and ensure compliance of RNCM completion of nurse recertification documentation within 30 days prior to a patient’s recertification date

Track and ensure compliance of initial certifications including:

  1. Verbal Physician certification received by the Hospice RN from both the Hospice physician as well as the patient’s attending physician within the required regulatory timeframe. Written physician certification documented by the both the Hospice physician as well as the patient’s attending physician as required prior to claims submission



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