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Hospice Tools flex-forms library has virtually all the hospice charting documentation forms your agency needs – from admission orders through your final bereavement discharge summary.

The forms flow automatically to your timesheets, HIS, show trend histories within documents, and are customizable to match your workflows. Paper forms, such as benefit elections, are easily transformed into eDocs (electronic documents).

To select an eDoc and start charting you can scroll alphabetically or start typing the form name. You can also sort the forms library by chart section: assessments, certifications, aide, etc., and/or by clinical credentials (if any) to easily find the document you need.

Whether you’re charting on a computer or through our mobile apps on a tablet or phone, Hospice Tools makes it easy for you to do your charting.

Hospice Tools eDocs EMR Checklists

Get familiar with the forms you’ll need by checking out our Hospice Tools Forms Checklists.