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2019: an amazing year for Hospice Tools

Where do I begin?

This year our tech team went all out with some amazing builds:

  • Drug Names Database
  • Facility Protocol Sheet: to provide protocols to your team members when in different facilities
  • Veteran’s Checklist forms
  • Expanded HR Tab: Expanded licensing storage and expiration date tracking
  • Upgraded Volunteer Management dashboard
  • Customized forms & field functionality as needed in our flex forms library
  • Expanded Reporting
  • Additional TimeKeeper Admin features
  • Forms sorting features
    • and more!

Even better, the new features we’re building out and our road map are designed to not only cement Hospice Tools as the most innovative hospice & palliative software, but continue to deliver the most user-friendly EMR, the highest payment percentages, a distinct competitive advantage to our users, and real peace of mind with smooth operations, improved compliance and more!

Our marketing, sales, & operations teams have done amazing work continuing to build out our brand, deliver the highest level of customer success in the industry, and ensure that we portray the values and service that make Hospice Tools the hospice software leader!

Our latest movie captures the heart of who we are, what makes Hospice Tools different, and why we do what we do.



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